Fixed Income

We believe effective fixed income strategies are two-fold, it is just as important to select superior quality businesses as it is staying away from bad ones.

Following our analysis, if we are unable to entirely grasp an investment, we certainly won't be investing in it. We don't go in pursuit of yield; however, we do adhere to our primary beliefs. We make investments in economies and businesses that demonstrate the ability to deliver desirable risk-adjusted returns.

Global perspective

Being a worldwide fixed income manager, we count on our teams who possess the specialist knowledge in particular countries and regions to provide the local understanding necessary to make the right risk investment strategies.

This understanding allows all our teams to benefit from our most effective investment concepts, wherever they may be.

Team based approach

We maintain a flat organizational structure, operating in teams, without any superstar managers, and via a shared investment approach.

Our fixed income investment solution is powered by the principle that primary analysis is a crucial determining factor for producing desired long-term results. This requires in depth, first-hand analysis, merged with a distinct and self-disciplined strategy to risk and reward.

A Commitment to critical analysis

Our team of market specialists addresses government bonds, foreign currencies, credit and asset-backed investments throughout every global location. Our credit specialists provide extensive and detailed coverage involving investment quality, high yield, and loan product marketplaces.

Dedicated specialists deal with the majority of the main country providers globally. All our analysis is carried out in-house, which allows us to concentrate on our own research, filter out marketplace noise and commit with conviction.

Disciplined Assessment

Since many fixed income securities possess restricted upside, our investment teams establish a financial assessment structure for all the investment decisions carried out within the portfolio. A solid buy and sell discipline can also introduce desirable securities into our investment portfolios and lower costly ones.

A measured risk strategy

To experience optimal risk-adjusted returns, we utilize a range of procedures that improve our ability to determine upside along with downside risk within our investment portfolios. We employ our combined knowledge. We cooperate with clients to manage their distinct risk-return preferences.

Distinct solutions

Our fixed income teams can call upon a worldwide network to provide investment options throughout the entire assortment of fixed income marketplaces. We always work with clients to address their unique risk-return needs.

Our teams offer coverage throughout the asset class implementing an extensive variety of ground breaking and differentiated strategies. The expertise these teams offer may be utilized through unique strategic processes and are merged wherever suitable to create multi-strategy solutions.

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Informed decision processes

Empowering teams to share ideas across asset classes and management styles enhances our ability to deliver portfolio performance at each stage of the economic cycle.

Our Investment Process

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Contact Macmillan Jones to discover how we can help you to manage a
bespoke investment portfolio directed to achieving your specific financial goals.