Macmillan Jones delivers experienced, full-time investment administration solutions ensuring your business accomplishes its objectives.

We support businesses by joining together with you to develop a Focussed plan, and after the plan has been formulated, sticking to it for the long term to ensure that your primary goal continues to be met.

Macmillan Jones in addition works with your businesses key individuals to ensure we fully understand your situation and make the right contributions to achieving your quest.

Institutional investment solutions

Our firm is Focussed on generating significant investment returns over time whilst at the same time controlling the risk associated with market fluctuations in the process.

Macmillan Jones's unique investment procedures are time-tested. Each procedure meticulously evaluates existing market and industry trends. Our portfolio administration procedure employs a disciplined, value centered strategy that will capitalize on extensive marketplace research and analysis. We adopt superior care in being stewards of finance as well as supplying our clients with resilient portfolios that possess positive risk and reward attributes.

Our primary values regarding investment management determine the following beliefs:

Risk management - Whilst we focus on exceptional results, our initial goal is generating regular returns whilst safeguarding capital and lowering unpredictability in chaotic markets. We consider risk to be an irrevocable loss of funds and place the maximum emphasis on protecting against losses. Investing will naturally involve a tradeoff associated with risk, which is precisely why risk profiling is an invaluable facet of Macmillan Jones's overall approach.

Extensive analysis - Throughout each and every facet of what we accomplish, we understand that good results occur when planning meets opportunity. We constantly and thoroughly search to discover future potential investments.

We carry out our own in-depth analysis to reach impartial results that can verify decision-making. Our approach to coordinating and deciphering data makes it significantly simpler to invest whenever an asset's price has dropped compared to its peers or the security sectors on the whole. On the other hand, we need to be capable of saying "no" to those overpriced assets whether or not we are going against the consensus of opinion.

Proactive diversification - A readiness to remain calm is essential. We consider the most productive investment portfolios follow a cost effective, adequately diversified strategy that employs both conventional and alternative asset classes.

We aim to symbolize our industry and ourselves with the highest ethics as fiduciaries. Our dedication to honesty, responsibility and openness is ingrained in our traditions.

Alternative Investments

Portfolio performance driven by additional layers of diversification that seek to minimize the effects of market volatility.

Absolute return strategies

Preserve the value of spending power and generate positive returns on investment irrespective of market conditions..

Absolute Return Strategies  
Alternative Investments

Macmillan Jones's Alternative Investments sector is an extension of our conventional investment banking along with our personal finance advisory businesses

Alternative Investments