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We understand the issues presently facing insurance firms around the world. Adjustments to regulations along with the challenging economic climate since the financial crisis have placed enormous stress upon insurers' capital, solvency and reporting demands.

Simultaneously, they need to generate satisfactory results to satisfy their financial commitments. This is progressively challenging within a setting of low interest rates and unstable financial marketplaces.

Understaidng your insurance needs

Consequently, a large number of insurers are searching for a seasoned, insurance-literate investment manager together with the structure to supply a variety of investment options that are able to deliver solutions on a consistent basis.

Furthermore, we possess substantial knowledge of administering with-profits assets, assisting clients optimize returns whilst successfully hedging guarantees, coupled with risk and investment capital needs.

Likewise, we possess substantial expertise taking care of annuity investment portfolios. This includes creating innovative asset class elements that enable annuity service providers to enhance risk-adjusted yields.

Extensive investment solutions

Due to the growing demands of insurers, we are now able to offer solutions throughout an extensive variety of asset classes by providing strategic planning across a diverse market including but not limited to: absolute return, emerging economy debt, real estate financing, facilities, equity finance, and money marketplaces.

Furthermore, we are able to provide customized liability-aware services where suitable, and take on fiduciary obligations for investors who wish to delegate investment choices.

Committed to insurers

Our insurance clientele can rely on assistance from our dedicated insurance services team, which controls interactions with both in-house and outside insurance clientele.

Our team possess substantial expertise throughout the investment market and in depth understanding of regulation, associated risk and associated actuarial issues.

Our team can deliver comprehensive assistance through market knowledge. We also possess a broader team of seasoned investment specialists and actuaries within the industry that we are able to turn to when applicable.

A dynamic client base

Contemporary financial management services for a sophisticated client base comprised of private investors, family office structures and institutions.

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