International Equities

We provide a wide array of equity solutions involving diverse geographical targets and investment models. Our equity teams contain those with a worldwide outlook, individuals with a localized emphasis, for example The United States, The European Union and The Asian Continent - and individuals dedicated to specialized market sectors.

These teams generally implement procedures centered around key analysis and bottom-up stock selecting.

Primary Strengths:

  Proactive Administration: Our objective is to increase value by discovering excellent stocks that are favorably valued.

  Proprietary Analysis: Our equity managers and teams analyze all companies in considerable depth before investing with every company documented in fine detail. Should a security fail our tests, we won't own it, regardless of its index weight.

   Long-term emphasis: Strategy is uncomplicated: buy-and-hold; increase stock on the falls; take earnings on gainsst. This minimizes transaction expenses and retains portfolio focus. We seldom target short-term results.

   Team approach: We employ a dedicated team of equity investment professionals. Portfolio decisions are made collectively, with diversification at the stock level being a major factor in our risk control strategy. Our team approach is paramount to our firm's success; we refrain from cultivating 'star' managers.

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