Investment Approach

Our knowledge of performing across a variety of investment cycles and marketplaces gives us the framework to cope with change. During these cycles, we have the individuals, beliefs, knowledge and a procedure to plan what we consider will be the right direction when it comes to managing clients' assets.

Flexible to meet your evolving needs

Managing portfolio performance through a number of economic cycles has helped us to leverage upon our experiences as we position assets in line with an acceptable margin of safety. Ensuring that investment portfolios are maintained with attributes of liquidity enables us to react to market conditions in a timely, orderly manner.

Shared investment wisdom

Our outlook on business strategy means we value a shared approach, where information and expertise are shared freely, we believe working together generates more powerful and effective results for our clients.

Our team-based solutions generate an open approach throughout the firm encouraging our teams to express their thoughts and visions through daily cross-team interaction that covers all asset classes, commercial enterprises and the worldwide investment arena.

Continuous forward planning

We utilize our analyst team's perception and knowledge to identify investment opportunities in advance of our competitors. We search for signals that suggest marketplaces or share prices will move. When these signals come to fruition, price levels shift to the benefit our clients.

Systematic analysis

We are dedicated to painstaking analysis and solid interactions with company management to acquire enhanced details on the situations in which we invest. Comprehensive evaluation combined with incisive action is at the center of an investment approach that is designed to produce positive results for all our clients.

Alternative Investments

Portfolio performance driven by additional layers of diversification that seek to minimize the effects of market volatility.

Absolute return strategies

Preserve the value of spending power and generate positive returns on investment irrespective of market conditions..

Absolute Return Strategies  
Alternative Investments

Macmillan Jones's Alternative Investments sector is an extension of our conventional investment banking along with our personal finance advisory businesses

Alternative Investments  

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