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Investment capabilities

We offer experience throughout all essential asset classes, by having specific investment teams that specialize. Each of these powerful teams are built and function on sectors ideally matched to their asset classes and deal with services created to fulfill a range of investor requirements worldwide.

Insurance Solutions

Insurance solutions helping institutions to overcome the challenges they face under the current economic conditions.

International Equities

a wide array of equity solutions involving diverse geographical targets and investment models


Investing in economies and businesses that demonstrate the ability to deliver desirable risk-adjusted returns.

Absolute Return Strategies

Portfolio stability with the required versatility to profit through both falling and growing markets.

Alternative Investments

Portfolio performance driven by additional layers of diversification that seek to minimize the effects of market volatility.

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Specialized guidance from independent local advisor for hight-net-worth investors

Contemporary investment management

We don't enforce top-down house opinions; rather we enable a suitable degree of versatility within a controlled atmosphere and stimulate the sharing and discussion of investment concepts.

Bringing stability and oversight to worldwide investment strategies across many different asset classes is our team of specialists providing a deep knowledge across all asset classes and marketplaces, and brings to bear the full depth of its knowledge for specific information, in particular equities.

The firm's specialists are constantly engaged in progressing our risk management strategies, continually reviewing and revising to ensure we remain on track to achieving the clients goals.

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