Investment Philosophy

Macmillan Jones delivers exceptional investment management where we expect the opportunity for reward to far exceed the risks entailed. Each of our investment actions performs in accordance with the following unifying philosophy. The following echoes the investment approach and philosophy of Macmillan Jones and its senior management.

The importance of controlled risk

Outstanding investment performance isn't our main objective, but instead, outstanding performance with less risk is preferred.

Higher-than-average results during favorable times are definitely not verification of a manager's ability; it also requires outstanding performance during market lows to demonstrate a consistent return.

As a result, as opposed to simply trying to find potential earnings, we place the maximum emphasis on protecting against losses. It's our overriding belief that, in particular in the marketplaces in which we operate, if we steer clear of the losers, the winners will look after themselves.

Emphasis on stability

Rotating between outstanding results in good years and dismal results in poor years isn't good enough for us. It's our perception that an exceptional track record is ideally constructed on a level playing field as opposed to a combination of outstanding results and depressing failures.

The significance of market inefficiencies

We believe talent and hard work can result in an information advantage and are therefore likely to bring exceptional investment outcomes. However, not in efficient marketplaces where significant numbers of individuals share the same ability to access information and respond in an impartial manner to integrate that information within asset price ranges.

We search out less crowded marketplaces, ones where our team's talent and insight provide us with situations that can be capitalized upon with minimal risk, giving our clients the best returns possible.

The advantages of Knowledge

Specialty provides the best route to the outcome our firm and our clients desire. Therefore, we require that each and every one of our investment professionals to do one thing – understand their specific investment market - and know it exceptionally well.

We identify the risk to reward strategy for each investment based upon each individual client's risk threshold. With this approach, there will not be any unexpected surprises; our procedures and operation always adhere directly to the job we're employed to accomplish.

The accessibility of specialist knowledge in all asset classes gives Macmillan Jones clients an undeniable edge.

We tailor bespoke roadmaps for each Client allowing those that want to invest in one specific asset class to be able to do so with confidence and the knowledge that we have the specialists to achieve their goals.

The options are not restricted to one asset class so clients considering multi -asset classes can merge as many as they wish into one investment portfolio.

Bottom-up analysis essential to investment

We believe continuously outstanding performance is only accomplished through an enhanced understanding of the investment vehicle. Consequently, our investment approach is completely bottom-up, founded upon proprietary, investment vehicle-specific analysis.

We employ total portfolio structuring as an effective protective strategy to help us steer clear of harmful situations, therefore allowing us to keep the structures that perform most effectively.

Weatherproofing your assets

Preserve the value of spending power and generate positive returns on investment irrespective of market conditions.

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