Investment Process

We possess a well-defined investment approach, that's essential to the solutions we supply. This approach results in a robust yet versatile platform for our investment specialists to succeed collectively, swapping thoughts and challenging each other's ideas.

Our process is continually developing and we never hesitate to spend money on the resources necessary to assure it remains highly effective.

Tactical asset allocation

Our investment professionals draw upon information originating from a number of committees addressing tactical asset allocation. These groups of seasoned professionals meet on a regular basis to examine the investment climate along with potential stock selections and identifying risks.

Portfolio design

Your portfolio will be based around a sound structure of investment solutions, giving us with the freedom to fulfill your specific requirements. The starting position for creating your investment portfolio will be to establish the correct blend of investment vehicles suitable for your specific objectives and your preferred risk threshold.

Investment choice

We possess a knowledgeable and well-resourced analysis team, which works together with our investment specialists. For instance, when looking at potential investments within the emerging markets arena, we begin by studying the businesses with superior principles of corporate governance because they prioritize the needs of investors as opposed to just the needs of management.

We observe the actions, procedures and decisions involving the boards of businesses we invest in and also engage in voting at investor meetings. This helps to ensure that your rights as an investor are safeguarded.

Our firm covers a broad spectrum of investment opportunities from fixed income to absolute return strategies, we also possess the skills necessary to invest straight into specific equities and bonds.

This is a major benefit as it offers us additional flexibility to execute our investment strategies effortlessly and cost-effectively, while maintaining complete control over the process.

Sound oversight

Whilst our investment professionals appreciate flexibility and freedom to deliver our services to you, it is essential to have an oversight structure in place to complement our investment approach. Our investment committee meets regularly to ensure all protocols are adhered to.

This makes certain we are dealing with all investment portfolios to the exact same exceptional standards whilst having the ability to adjust to variances within the marketplace environment. It encourages best practice and assists all elements of the procedure through portfolio creation and investment choice through to execution.

This framework, reinforced by risk management strategies, due diligence practices and frequent evaluations, ensures your portfolio will remain in step with your investment goals.

A dynamic client base

Contemporary financial management services for a sophisticated client base comprised of private investors, family office structures and institutions.

Whom We Serve

Investment Execllence

Investment solutions encompassing what we believe to be the essential components of effective asset management in the modern era.

Insurance Solutions

Insurance solutions helping institutions to overcome the challenges they face under the current economic conditions.

Insurance Solutions
International Equities

A wide array of equity solutions involving diverse geographical targets and investment models.

International Equities
Fixed Income

Investing in economies and businesses that demonstrate the ability to deliver desirable risk-adjusted returns.

Fixed Income
Absolute Return Strategies

Portfolio stability with the required versatility to profit through both falling and growing markets.

Absolute Return Strategies