For Private Investors

Comprehensive wealth management solutions tailored around the specific financial needs of sophisticated private investors.

Addressing your financial challenges

Macmillan Jones provides professional private client advisory solutions to individuals and families. Our advisory procedure starts with a preliminary conversation, helping you to get acquainted with our firm as well as for us to understand your specific requirements, objectives and risk tolerance.

We put together a comprehensive and objective evaluation, determining exactly what investment returns you require to make your financial vehicle operate efficiently and more importantly the amount of risk (if any) that should be attributed. The overall approach sets the basis on which our long-term partnership with you will be built.

Smart portfolio design

After this initial stage is completed, we shall suggest a smart investment portfolio which focuses on the returns essential to provide you with the maximum probability of achieving your objectives.

Every strategy must be observed, kept up to date, and from time to time realigned. That's the reason all of our advisory clients are provided with a regular portfolio and performance evaluation. Today's climate demands close contact, and our firm is always keen to maintain a strong bond between our professionals and their clients.

Weatherproofing your assets

Preserve the value of spending power and generate positive returns on investment irrespective of market conditions.

Absolute return Strategies
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Contact Macmillan Jones to discover how we can help you to manage a bespoke investment portfolio directed to achieving your specific financial goals.

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Anticipating global markets

Helping investors to manage the responsibilities that come with the possession of significant assets.

Family Office Services

Putting what we do in the simplest terms, our family office deals with a wealthy family's wealth, such as their investment strategies, tax and estate preparation.

Family Office
Institutional Asset Management

Focussed on generating significant investment returns over time whilst at the same time controlling the risk associated with market fluctuations in the process